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MASA TV is our live-streamed webinar series on Facebook focusing on delivering knowledge and insights about a particular industry/career every episode.

Our first episode aims to help students gain insight into the world of internships. We will be interviewing interns from various companies and sectors to help you to make a well-informed decision on which career path you want to pursue! 

Our second episode aims to address the topic of Women in Business! Within this video, Stephanie Mazzei from Pitcher Partners, provides us with insight into the challenges in which women may face as they enter the busy industry, as well as with tips and tricks in coping with these difficulties.

MASATV Season 3 Episode 3 addresses the topic of working within the accounting industry. Within this episode, our MASA graduates answers questions in regards to what life is lie working within audit. Additionally, they speak on different post graduate programs in which individuals may participate in such as CA and CPA.

Want to see more? Check out the MASA TV channel for the rest of our episodes.

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